Sunday, July 10, 2005

Dido Live cd review

Dido/ Dido Live

Okay, I know it sounds pointless to review a live album,but hey, I'ma huge fan of Dido, so I'm just gonna do it anyway.There's alwayssomething interesting and unexplored enough in a live cd, you justwant to feel it all: the real voice of the singer, the claps,thescreams and the sing-along of the audience.Feel as if you were reallythere.This cd's got that thing going on.There are songs from Life ForRent and a few from No Angel as well. Somehow Dido just sounds…strangewhen she sang live in this cd, but it's not a big problem. Changeswere made for the songs, and they worked out just well, really suitedthe live atmosphere.However, I don't know why a few particular songswere chosen to sing live, because they're not that great for livematerials, frankly. A lovely moment happened as the audience sangalong the chorus of Thank You with Dido, and I suprisingly foundmyself sing with them too.Silly me.The final song See The Sun's a goodchoice for closing the concert, it can really melt you down.So,inconclusion,this live album has his ups and downs,if you're a huge fanof Dido like me,or just don't have enough bucks to get the dvd, buythis.

Rating: 3/5 stars
Must-hear songs: Thank You, See The Sun, Stoned, Sand In My Shoes,Mary's In India, White Flag.