Sunday, August 28, 2005

Kanye West/ Late Registration cd review

Kanye West/ Late Registration

So what made Kanye really stand out from all those popular hip-hop artists out there? Well, he doesn’t need to wear hip-hop stuff to get an attitude.He doesn’t need to rap passionately and constanly about partying and sex.And most of all, he’s got a real old school gospel/soul/funk vibe in his music.That’s where he tries to head his direction in his sophomore album.Hell yeah, he definitely, successfully avoided the sophomore slump, proving he’s more than just a one-album wonder.The instrumental part alone is already a success, really outstanding and classy with lots of saxophones,pianos,choirs and crazy beats.When it came to producing his own stuff, Kanye knew exactly what he wanted and each track in this album fit in with each other quite well.The rapping is still well-done, he rapped about politics, drugs, girls, partying, and…his mama. This is the kind of rap that’s got depth,stuff that makes you think.Oh did I mention the insane amount of collaborators? Jamie Foxx,Brandy,Adam Levine,Nas,Jay Z,The Game, just to name a few.Still I wonder where that track featuring John Mayer went :-)
Maybe Kanye’s way to confident when he said this album can stand the test of time against those of Stevie Wonder. However, I have no doubt that Late Registration will proudly be among the best albums of 2005,from both artistic and selling aspects.

Rating: 4/5 stars.
Trackworthy: You should hear ‘em all, better not miss anything. Well,you could skip the skits,they’re quite unnecessary.

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