Thursday, September 01, 2005

Craig David & Rihanna cd reviews

Craig David/ The Story Goes

It’s clear that Craig didn’t try hard to refresh himself this time around.His third album is no groundbreaking material.Sure,it’s packed with smooth,acoustic guitar R&B songs. But somehow we’ve already heard it all before. Nothing new,actually quite lame. Craig’s vocals are still amazing, and he can still throw out some decent tunes, but in this era when r&b/hip-hop songs are all over the place, his style of music seems to become dated. The lyrics of this album can be put into two categories: girls/partying (he took one step further in ‘Take ‘Em Off’) and breakups .There’s one exceptional track called ‘Johnny’, which is about…bullying! It’s supposed to be personal and deep, but I just don’t really feel it.Overall, this album has its moments, but nowhere can you find another ‘Fill Me In’ or ‘7 Days’.

Rating: 3/5 stars
Trackworthy:All The Way, Don’t Love You No More (I’m Sorry), Hypnotic, Separate Ways, Johnny, One Last Dance.

Rihanna/ Music Of The Sun

From the impression of her debut single ‘Pon De Replay’, I kinda expected this album to be really reggae upbeat. However, it turned out to be more R&B than reggae, and what it really lacks, suprisingly, is upbeat tracks. Imagine a Ciara-meet-Ashanti-meet-Britney (if that makes any sense ;-), and you’ve got Rihanna. Most of the tracks are way too poppy, mellow and cheesy, all about teen love and stuff. The reggae tracks (mostly at the first half of the album) are uninspiring, maybe they can shake you up a little bit at the time you’re listening but you can forget them instantly after that. The most redundant track is the thirteenth one, where she’s trying to be like…Mariah or Whitney singing out her knowledge about true love in an ill-hip-hop language with funny big-sound piano playing behind. And her vocals are just average, not distinctive at all. This girl’s got no future, my prediction is that she’ll be fading away after her second album. However, chicks may dig this album way more.That’s the audience range she should cling on to. Me, I got enough of music of the sun.

Rating: 2/5 stars
Trackworthy: Pon De Replay, You Don’t Love Me (No, No, No), La That La,La ,Willing To Wait, Music Of The Sun, Let Me.

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