Saturday, October 15, 2005

Sheryl Crow and Sarah McLachlan new cd reviews

Sheryl Crow – Wildflower

A brand new effort from Crow since her greatest hits album, and this time, she does sound different. Slower, lighter, and more bittersweet. Could Lance Armstrong be the reason for this change? Guess so. Still good old Sheryl Crow with nice vocals, lots of guitar playing, and lyrics about loneliness, feelings of life and conscience. There are many decent, emotional tunes that are just perfect for chilly nights, leaving you wanting for more. The title track Wildflower is a little delicate number, while Perfect Lie, Letter To God and I Don't Wanna Know are touching, along with the rockin', inspirational Live It Up. Although there's no song that can top her old hits, they still prove that Sheryl's one of the best female singer/songwriters out there.

Rating: 3.25/5 stars
Trackworthy: I Know Why, Perfect Lie, Good Is Good, Letter To God, I Don't Wanna Know, Wildflower, Live It Up.

Sarah McLachlan – Bloom: Remix Album

At first, it doesn't seem right as all for a Sarah McLachlan remix album. This is her second remix album, and as a big fan of her, I still don't understand why she wanted to do this. The term 'Sarah McLachlan' and 'dance music' just obviously don't match. Even though the remixes tend to be more like chillout than hardcord techno stuff, they're still so mediocre. How can you expect to hear an angelic voice singing heartwarming lyrics in loud beats and techno tunes? To be honest, it takes me a week to try to get through all of the tracks. They just sound so wrong and mismatched. It's like she just threw a song for each dj and let them do what they wanted with it, and the djs didn't seem to put much effort into their work. The remixes really just passed through my ears, even the remix (wo, he's everywhere now) of Just Like Me (feat. DMC) doesn't do any good either. This album is a such a bad cash-in, the worst album of Sarah it is.

Rating: 1/5 stars
Trackworthy: Not much. Try 'Stupid (Hyper Remix)' and 'Train Wreck (Sly & Robbie Mix)'.

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