Saturday, December 03, 2005

Alanis Morissette and Santana cd reviews!

Alanis Morissette/ The Collection

Finally, her greatest hits album. Wait a minute, it's not your usual 'Best Of' album, it's got tracks included in movie soundtracks too, even some of her previous singles were left out . So it's supposed to contain all the best from Alanis, right? It should be a kickass record where every track is a wonderful listen, huh? You've got it so wrong. Half of the songs in this are not even close to that. Now that I realize that Alanis doesn't have much under her belt to be proud of after all these years. I know recently she's been tired, 'So-called Chaos' is crap, and the acoustic version of 'Jagged Little Pill' is just a poor cash-in. But now even her greatest hits album is not great, either. Sure there are some truly fantastic,classic songs like 'Thank U' or 'Ironic', but the others are just so average. She tried to showcase a different her this time, so in the non-single tracks, we've got her to sing a new electro-rock song 'Crazy', a jazzy number 'Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love)', which is pretty good, and an opera-like 'Mercy'! It's a shame her great vocals, which can release so much anger and emotion, can't accompany with decent tunes. She was considered one of the best female rockers of the nineties, but I just don't get it. The only thing that's gonna make this album sell real well is putting the uncensored version of 'Thank U' music video for the extras ;-). It's been a long road, Alanis, you have a more than ten years career to achieve this 'much' and now dating Ryan Reynolds, isn't it ironic? Don't cha think?

Rating:2,5/5 stars
Trackworthy: Thank U, 8 Easy Steps, Crazy, Ironic, You Oughta Know, That I Would Be Good, Hands Clean, Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love) (From The De-Lovely Soundtrack).

Santana/ All That I Am

Okay, this trend is getting old. More collaborations with big names, almost all of the stars in the music map are here, Santana's got Joss Stone, Sean Paul, Big Boi, Will.I.Am, Michelle Branch,Steven Styler…the list goes on, to join him and help sing his tunes. And the guest list already proves the commercial value of the cd. However, the results are quite unimpressive. What the collaborations lack are inspiring, catchy tunes and brilliant guitar riffs, the guests did their job well enough but most of the collaborations seem to be a clash and mismatch. The Spanish tracks where he's on his own with his group are also a failure. There's just nothing much to enjoy and get you in the mood for rock n' roll. In the end, I don't find myself willing to click the 'Repeat' button, except for the true gem of the record-'I'm Feeling You' feat. Michelle Branch and The Wreckers. Again, the two of them get together in harmony, though not as great as in 'Game Of Love'. Overall, the latest effort from Santan seems to fall short show the sign that he's getting old.

Rating: 2,25/5 stars
Trackworthy: I'm Feeling You (Feat. Michelle Branch And The Wreckers), Just Feel Better (Feat. Steven Tyler Of Aerosmith), I Am Somebody (Feat. Will-I-Am Of Black Eyed Peas), Twisted (Feat. Anthony Hamilton), Cry Baby Cry (Feat. Joss Stone And Sean Paul).

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