Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas CD Review: Diana Krall's "Christmas Songs"!

Okay, it’s way too late to review a Christmas cd now, but I’ll finish it any way.

Diana Krall/ Christmas Songs

Every year, some renowned artists put out their own Christmas albums in which they try to perform those classic Christmas songs in their own way in order to cash in some quick cash because it’s the holiday season, people’s gonna what’s new out there as gifts to give. And every year, there’s always the one that stands out. This 2005, it’s Diana Krall turn to have her own renditions of the songs we’ve probably heard a hundred times before, so the question is : Can she bring anything new to the table this time? My answer would be: No, not really. If you want the kind of jazzy, fuzzy, classy Christmas record, this one is for you. There’s just nothing breakthrough here. We’ve got all that we can expect: a huge orchestra accompanying the singer’s breathy vocals in a proper, flawless way as she sings off key the classic tunes and plays her piano so smoothly. The results are actually quite enjoyable and this is that kind of record that you want to listen and groove alone after locking your room, just relax, stretch your bones, close your eyes, and look out at the window as the snow’s falling outside. The outstanding track is the last one ‘Count Your Blessings Instead Of Sheep’, which is a perfect song to make you fall asleep just right after the record ends. So if what I describe above is what you imagine your winter night would be, go for it. Merry Christmas and a super duper New Year, by the way. ;-)

Rating: 3/5 stars
Trackworthy: Just try all 12 tracks.

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