Sunday, December 11, 2005

Late cd reviews of Fiona Apple & Franz Ferdinand!!

These are the two cds that I picked up a long time ago but never found time to write a proper review for each of them. However, they’re both really cool cds.

Fiona Apple/ Extraordinary Machine

How fast time flies by. It’s been 9 years since Fiona first stepped in the music scene with that moody Mark Romanek-directed music video ‘Criminal’. That song’s still in my list of all-time favorites, and now after a long hiatus, she’s officially back with her third album. She may not still look like 18, but nothing changed. Her style of music is still the same, but improves in a more mature way. Those catchy, groovy drum beats. Those haunting twinkling piano melodies. Those introspective, creative lyrics. Her dark, signature voice singing about broken relationships. Those amazingly off-beat tunes. This is a tough listen, but that’s a good thing indeed. You may need some time to really feel for a song, but that’s the way it is when you listen to Fiona Apple. It’s nice every now and then to see a comeback of one of the established artist who doesn’t follow the mass to write top 40 songs, but always has their own way of alluring fans. Fiona Apple is one of them, and if you’re new to this lady, be sure to check out her old hits as well, because she’s really one extraordinary machine.

Rating: 3,5/5 stars
Trackworthy: O’ Sailor, Extraordinary Machine, Parting Gift, Tymps (The Sick In The Head Song), Window, Waltz (Better Than Fine). If you like these ones, then don’t miss the rest of the album.

Franz Ferdinand/ You Could Have It So Much Better

One of the greatest breakthrough acts of 2004 doesn’t want to let their fans wait for so long for a new album. So here they arrive with their second release. Still the good old’ Scottish rockers with their loud and proud sound of old school glamorous rock, guarantted to keep your feet stomping. This is such a feel-good party album, that kind of album you turn on in your party and then drink some beer, unabashedly dance while talking to your friends. The tunes are not strong enough to get stuck in your head for a few weeks but they’re for sure catchy enough to rock you up every time you hear them. Full of loud, blistering guitars and sing-along choruses, however, Franz Ferdinand also found a new way to calm you down with 3 bittersweet mellow songs ‘Walk Away’, ‘Eleanor Put Your Boots On’ and ‘Fade Together’. Managing to make cool, fun indie-rock music so effortlessly, Franz Ferdinand may never, and should never reach a too popular audience, but still keep their indie fan base rocking happy.

Rating: 3,25/5 stars
Trackworthy: Do You Want To, Walk Away, You're The Reason I'm Leaving, Eleanor Put Your Boots On, What You Meant, Fade Together, I'm Your Villain.

Coming Up: Reviews for new cds of Shakira, Lindsay Lohan, Diana Krall, The Strokes, and plus my own predictions for Grammy 2006. Stay tuned. Don’t forget to comment and don’t be afraid to click on the ads. They won’t do you any harm. :)

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