Thursday, January 19, 2006

American Idol Season 5-Episode 2

Just saw episode 2 of AI5, and got two more fave picks from the Denver auditions. First is the amazingly talented Alisha Tucker. She’s only 16, which is the same age as mine, but she can really sing, for real. Plus she looks beautiful, so I don’t think Simon exaggerated at all when saying she’s the best 16-year-old they’ve ever had on the show. She will definitely go way further, mark my words. The other is Rochelle Elaine, who is also a good, soulful singer. The only problem with her is her lack of uniqueness, there’s already a lot of other contestants like her. Speaking of uniqueness, I noticed that chubby, spunky girl with the red, flowery dress. She’s unique in her own way, like the blue-haired, gothic opera chick from season 4. Although they both don’t fit into the what the voters expect, they get to be who they are, and get acclaims for it. On the other side, the bad ones here are just boresomely bad, and that gender-confused ‘guy’…gross! So far, the females are more impressive than the males.
Anyway, I’m looking forward to next week’s episode in North Carolina, there seems to be a number of great auditions, especially that blonde singing ‘Since U Been Gone’. So check back next time for my reviews of AI5!

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