Wednesday, January 25, 2006

American Idol Season 5 – Episode 3 Recaps

The auditions this time were held in North Carolina, and a whole of of new auditioners were added to my list for the title of American Idol season 5. These are the ones that I think did real good in their auditions:

Kellie Pickler: This girl reminds me so much of Kelly Clarkson. She resembles Kelly in so many ways: broken family (mom left, dad in prison), job (a waitress), personality (she’s so down-to-earth and nice, and her crying’s cute), name (just different spelling) and most of all, a kickass voice. And she’s good-looking, too. She is definitely the number one contender so far, and I’m really sure that she’s got the potential to make it to the big stage round.

Kendra Swinton and Halicia Thompson: Good auditions of both, and I really like their attitude. Halicia's got a funny bone, and Kendra's one cool mama.

Steven David, Jr. : This guy’s such a ass-kissing prick, but he’s got a pretty good voice and that all matters.

Jeffrey: He can be the ‘It’ country singer this year.

Paris Bennett: A Paris that can really sing! But I’m sure I’ll see more of her for the next weeks to come. She just proves that singing business runs in the family.

Also honorabale mentions to Tyra Schwartz. (I think I spelled that right, don't I?)

That’s it, tomorrow we’ll watch the San Francisco auditions and I hope I’ll see even more upcoming stars there. See you soon.

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