Thursday, January 26, 2006

American Idol Season 5 – Episode 4 Recaps

I gotta say: San Francisco was weird. Too weird. The auditions were bizarre, some of the auditioners possess a voice like they were possessed, I just never heard anything like that before. Simon seemed like he was so driven crazy by the bad that he decided to join the competition for the weirdos. One minute, he was doing a very nice thing by calling Shalicia’s boss to help her get her job back. The next minute, he all misjudged the actually good ones. Although this episode felt so awkward, a few managed to get their moments to shine:

Katharine McPhee: She’s the spotlight of San Francisco, thanks to her mom’s vocal lessons. Although she isn’t outstanding enough for me, let’s see if she can make progress and prove me wrong at the next round.

Shawna: This girl looks so naive, but she does have a pretty good voice.

Jayne Santayana: Is she Japanese? She looks like one. She’s likeable and good enough to pass the audition round, but she’s still got a lot to work on.

Honorable mention to ‘Sway’.

Just for the record, I think Deborah Dawn Tilley is kinda cool, too bad she didn’t make it, it would be cool to see more rock chicks in the competition.

That’s all for AI5 this week. Come back next week for my recaps for the viva Las Vegas auditions.

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