Friday, January 27, 2006

My Grammy 2006 Picks! Final Part

The wait is over. The finale of my Grammy 2006 predictions finally arrive exclusively here on Zeon’s Music Blog, with all the prestigious categories in the general field, and a little bit more. We’ll see if any of my picks is correct soon. In case you missed the previous parts, you can read them again, just click on the links below.

Record Of The Year
Will win: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams-Green Day
Should win: Gold Digger-Kanye West

Album Of The Year
Will win: Late Registration-Kanye West
Should win: Late Registration-Kanye West

Song Of The Year
Will win: We Belong Together
Should win: Ordinary People

Best New Artist
Will win: John Legend
Should win: Keane

Best Song Written For Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media
Will win: Cold Wind-The Arcade Fire
Should win: Cold Wind-The Arcade Fire

Best Short Form Music Video
Will win: World On Fire-Sarah McLachlan
Should win: it’s a tie between World On Fire-Sarah McLachlan (great idea, great message) and God's Will-Martina McBride (great location)

Mission accomplished. Now I just have to sit down and wait to see how well I can read those judges’ minds.

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