Sunday, January 01, 2006

Picks Of The Week #5

Lyrics Of The Week

Winter’s over, summer’s near. So it’s logical to make the lyrics for ‘Narrow Daylight’ of Diana Krall my pick for the first week of 2006. Read it right here:

Narrow Daylight
Diana Krall

Narrow daylight entered my room
Shining hours were brief
Winter is over
Summer is near
Are we stronger than we believe?

I walked through halls of reputation
Among the infamous too
As the camera clings to the common thread
Beyond all vanity
Into a gaze to shoot you through

Is the kindness we count upon
Hidden in everyone?

I stepped out in a sunlit grove
Although deep down I wished it would rain
Washing away all the sadness and tears
That will never fall so heavily again

Is the kindness we count upon
Is hidden in everyone?

I stood there in the salt spray air
Felt wind sweeping over my face
I ran up through the rocks to the old
Wooden cross
It's a place where I can find some peace

Narrow daylight entered my room
Shining hours were brief
Winter is over
Summer is near
Are we stronger than we believe?

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Girls Aloud/ Biology

Those of you in the US may not know who they are, but in the UK they’ve long been known as the ‘It’ girl group. This song is pure unabashedly catchy pop with great hooks and guitar riffs, once you hear it, you can’t get it off your head, at least for a while. Great guilty pleasure.


ABBA/ Happy New Year

To be honest, I think this song is kinda overrated. I mean, we could have a way better song to celebrate this time of the year, if we tried hard enough. It just bored me to death having to listen to it every single year. However, always a nice thing to check back, because it’s a classic for sure.

New: Music Video Of The Week

New section here. Every week, I’m gonna suggest a music video I like and think that you must watch it (could be new, could be old), and all you have to do is go google it and enjoy.
For this week, it’s gonna be:

Mylo vs. Miami Sound Machine/ Dr. Pressure

The first time I saw this on VH1, I though it was in some ‘I Love The 80s’ program. But it was actually made in 2005. Ridiculously funny video with great special effects that gave it a totally 80s look, the dance music had a strong 80s vibe, too, so this is like back to the future. Worth watching. Have I mentioned dancing nurses and police and a Gloria Estefan look-alike?

New:Contest Of The Week

Every week, I give you a link to a cool music-related contest that stands you a chance to win fabulous prizes like cds, dvds, posters, autographed stuff. This week is a must-know for die hard Coldplay fans, you can win a chance to have a private talk on Skype with all four members of the band. All you have to do is to leave a voice mail at Skype and the one that impresses them most will be chosen.Here’s the link:

Have fun, folks.

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