Monday, January 16, 2006

Review of Girls Aloud's CD 'Chemistry'!

Girls Aloud/ Chemistry

I must admit I sometimes don’t understand my taste of music. Every now and then, there’s always a kind of music that I consider crap but still manage to enjoy somehow. And Girls Aloud is one of those cases. These girls are freakin’ hot, they’ve got moves and well, they sing okay. They were manufactured from a reality show, and have made their way to become the “It” girl group in the UK. They’re totally commercial! However, most of their singles are catchy, upbeat and perfect for a guilty pleasure, guaranteed to make your feet stomp like crazy. So actually this is the first time I listened to a Girls Aloud full album and yes, it’s the singles-and-fillers kind, but who cares? Girls Aloud know how to score a top 10 hit. A typical recipe is that throw in some flashy guitar riffs, some pumping beats, sung over with silly lyrics, all put together properly. For instance, there’s ‘Biology’ which I’ve been digging recently. Another is techno dance-pop style with cheeky lyrics. And there’s always the wet, soapy ballads for you to get your breath back. Mix all that together and voila, you’ve got the ultimate party album. The two UK bonus tracks are quite good materials, too, one of which is the last track ‘No Regrets’, which is really a cheesy, retro, hit-or-miss 90s pop ballad, started and ended with sounds of the beach waves. Overall, this kind of record won’t get nowhere in the US, but the rest of the world seems to enjoy it, after all it’s all brainless pop power.
PS: This comes with a bonus Christmas cd, but since the season is already over and the bonus Christmas songs are just worthless cash-in, I don't want to talk about it.

Rating: 2,5/5 stars
Trackworthy: Models, Biology, See The Day, Waiting, Long Hot Summer, No Regrets, Racy Lacey.

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