Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Woohoo, American Idol Season 5 Premiere!

I've been looking forward to this season premiere the whole week. I gotta say it was great fun watching it. I don't why I'm so eagerly anticipated, because I can't even vote. Maybe it's about the chance of seeing new faces and voices and rooting for the favorite ones. The Chicago auditions were pretty good, the good is good enough and the bad and the ugly kick ass, awesomely bad. Although I haven't found any strong contenders for the next American Idol, I can say a few is definitely promising. That tall brunette who was chasing her sister in the corn field, she's cool. So is that lead singer of some unknown chick band 'Catfight'. It's strange those 4 twins all got the tickets to Hollywood, but they've really got their thing going on. What's the deal with that guy Dave Hoover anyway, how come Paula and Randy said "Yes" to him? That's absolutely nuts. Maybe it's just a moment of generousity, or just a way to boot ratings?
Anyway, I'm so excited for this season, and since the show's supposed to run for 10 seasons, I think maybe the next couple of years, I might actually have a chance to stand there and show off my skills to the judges. I decided to launch a special feature which will cover all episodes of AI5, so stay tuned for more reviews.

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