Saturday, February 11, 2006

American Idol Season 5 – Episode 7 & 8 Recaps

The final auditions were held in Boston, and it seemed like talents had already ran out. There were three outstanding girls, though, not that much but enough to outshine the other suckers. Rebecca O’ Monahue has an okay voice, but man is she hot. Ayla Brown is a good-looking athletic chick with a decent voice. Titiana Ward was also a good one. At the end, we’ve got 175 hopefuls flew their way to Hollywood to get their shots and that's what was revealed in episode 8.
At this round, each contestant chose a song from a list of 12 titles, including The First Cut Is The Deepest, I’ll Never Love This Way Again, Can’t Find The Moonlight, chose their chords, stood alone on the small stage and auditioned for the judges, who later picked the better ones to pass through for the next day. The good ones I mentioned in earlier recaps all did a good job. Big applause to Alisha Tucker and Kellie Pickler (who already got at least two fansites dedicated to her!), they both proved that they are real strong contestants. On the other hand, there were some that I don’t like much. The two twin brothers (the goatee ones) are so annoying, they kept whining about how good they are, they should get their asses kicked even though they did sing pretty well. That cowboy kid was just ridiculous, I think.
So next week, the stage auditions will be rolling with groups of three, and this time it’ll be all about teamwork. And then finally, in Jan 15, we’ll be getting the list of 12 guys and 12 girls ready for the chance to become the next American Idol. So mark your calendar, watch the show and then come back for new recaps. Have a nice weekend.

Coming Up: My thoughts about the Grammy night, and possibly a Valentine’s Day Special.

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