Wednesday, February 15, 2006

American Idol Season 5 - Episode 9 Recaps

In tonight's episode, the contestant had to work in a group of three or four, so this time it was all about teamwork. The drama continued, it wasn't easy reaching an agreement on choreography, singing parts and all with strangers, so that was hard for them, but somehow this is so deja vu to me, so watching this happen again kinda bored me. Garet the cowboy's finally sent home, he's so annoying, and the Britentum Brothers made it to the next round, both of them. I just can't stand them and their 'hissy attitude'. Yes, they can sing, but everytime they opened their mouth and talked something stupid, I just want to slap on their face, these two are so repulsively arrogant, they don't deserve to be in the final round because it's not just about the voice, personality also plays a big part.
And then came the moment when contestants were gathered in 4 rooms, waiting for the judges to come and announce their choices. You know what, when Paula and Randy stepped into room 4, in which Kellie Pickler is sitting, and she started to talk with a low, pessimistic voice, I'm really worried Kellie couldn't make it, but then it turned out alright, 44 of the best contestants all went through, I'm glad for them.
Tomorrow, it's gonna be real tough as the contestants get face to face with the judges and see if they're gonna be 'In' or 'Out'. Only 24 will make the cut, so stay tuned.

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