Sunday, February 05, 2006

Let's Talk About: Lance Armstrong & Sheryl Crow Breakup

When I first read this news on a website, my jaw almost dropped. I just can't believe it. Lance Armstrong & Sheryl Crow split up? They seemed so perfect together. They were already engaged, and they made us believe they would walk down the aisle and live happily for years to come. I haven't got this reaction since Brad & Jen breakup. Sheryl Crow is one of my favorite artists, she's so talented that she has no signs of going downhill, and her new album is real great. And Lance, the ultimate Tour De France champion, is the starter of the LiveStrong campaign. This couple is so ideal, they've got millions of fans rooting for them and yet they can't work it out? If these two can't work it out, how can we ever make it? I know the celebrity world is way complicated, but this is just a letdown. You sticked to what you thought was right, and then things like this came along and destructed your belief. I just hope they're gonna think it over, figure out what's wrong and get back together. This can't be that bad, maybe after this Sheryl will find new strengths and inspiration to make another breakthrough album, maybe...Bad news, bad news...

I originally read this here:, probably all over everyone's mouths now.

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