Wednesday, March 01, 2006

American Idol Season 5 - Episode 14 Recaps

There was a big problem throughout tonight's girl performances. That was song choice. All of them either chose a boring song which can't help them show off their vocal range or chose a song too big to handle. However, brown sugar continued to be the flavor of the night. Lisa Tucker, Paris Bennett both went old school and they pulled it off quite well. Mandisa was on fire! Kellie once again proved that although she may not be the best female vocalist, she still reigns as the most likeable one. Brenna didn't live up to my expectations, so she did try to show her claws, but these are overtrimmed claws. I've got a feeling Kinnik Sky and Brenna Gethers will get back home this week. Stay tuned to find out!
By the way, I noticed that Heather Cox is a real Eliza Dushku lookalike. And Lisa kinda resembles Aaliyah in some ways.
So far, my ranks for the top 6 girls haven't changed.

1. Lisa Tucker
2. Paris Bennett
3. Mandisa
4. Kellie Pickler
5. Katharine McPhee
6. Ayla Brown

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