Thursday, March 02, 2006

American Idol Season 5 - Episode 15 Recaps

Tonight, the guys' performances were way better than last week's. A lot of them were actually impressive. But the most impressive one has to be given to Chris Daughtry. Credits to rocker dad! I started to get annoyed by whiny Kevin Covais. Such a geek, he's nowhere near as a sex symbol. Taylor Hicks and Elliott Yamin continued to rule. Stevie Wonder should be happy because three guys chose his songs to sing. Chances are that Sway and Bucky will be going home tomorrow night. Here are my ranks for the guys so far:

1. Taylor Hicks
2. Chris Daughtry
3. Elliott Yamin
4. Gideon McKinney
5. Ace Young
6. David Radford

More recaps coming your way after the results.

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