Friday, March 10, 2006

American Idol Season 5 - Episode 19 Recaps

Tonight we finally got the list of the top 12, and that means 4 contestants with the least votes had to go home. What ahappened to Kinnik and Will wasn’t a surprise at all, but I do feel sorry for Ayla Brown and Gideon McKinney. Ayla seemed to have worked so hard for this and she deserved to sit in that seat more than Melissa. Gideon’s also a good vocalist but maybe he’s playing too old school for the show? I personally them two’s got what it takes to be in the top 12, too bad they didn’t make it. I truly wish them luck with whatever they decide to do next.
By the way, Bo Bice's performance was very disappointing. He couldn't even hit the high notes in the chorus. What happened to his voice? Maybe too much touring?

So next week, we’re gonna have a 2-hour live special with the tribute theme to Stevie Wonder. It should be interesting to see the contestants step out of their comfort zones and adapt themselves to something different. I’m so glad that there’s only 2 episodes a week now, less air time, more quality performances! Watch and vote. Don’t let your favorite one down! More idolicious recaps from Zeon soon. Good night.

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