Thursday, March 16, 2006

American Idol Season 5 - Episode 20 Recaps

Last night, I was struggling to get out of my hectic, busy schedule to see the premiere of the finals for 2 hours. This week's theme is Stevie Wonder, the contestants were lucky enough to meet and sing to him in person, which made most of them turn all into crybabies. I don't know what had got into them, maybe pressure or nervousness, but most of the performances didn't feel connected, some were off-pitch and hard to enjoy at all. Kellie's performance was hugely disappointing. Mandisa was the hot one that night, now she's become my most favorite now! Lisa, Taylor, Paris, Elliott, Katharine were all good. Chris' moves were incredibly smart, the way he turned a Stevie Wonder into a Red Hot Chili Peppers rock version to stay in his comfort zone. The first to be voted off from the top 12 can be Melissa McGhee, obviously. Messing up lyrics in front of the man himself was foolish, messing up again in front of millions of people of the whole nation and all over the world was career-destroying. You came to this round and cannot even get the lyrics right? Way out.

So here's my top 4 for this week:

1. Mandisa
2. Lisa Tucker
3. Taylor Hicks
4. Paris Bennett

Let's see if my prediction is right, see ya after the elimination show.

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