Thursday, March 16, 2006

American Idol Season 5 - Episode 21 Recaps

I was right. Melissa went home tonight (funny how they cut off her last performance on Idol stage due to the lack of air time, poor girl). I was really hoping she would go, after Ace went back to his seat, leaving her and Lisa standing still on the stage. I just can't believe it when Ryan called out Lisa's name. What's wrong with American, man? Lisa's only 16 and she's a prodigy with an old soul and one hell of a voice. Maybe that wasn't her best performance, but that was her first upbeat performance, why can't you be more supportive? Seems like she should stick to the old school ballad formula.
By the way, more interesting things happened tonight. Stevie Wonder stopped by for a fabulous performance. And Simon, for the first time, wore a button-down shirt. Oh and our first Ford music video for this season, it was kinda fun.
I'm excited about next week's theme, which I don't know yet. If you're feeling the same way, come back next week for more idoliffic recaps! Zeon...Out!

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