Thursday, March 23, 2006

American Idol Season 5 - Episode 22 Recaps

Tonight's theme was songs from the fifties, with special guest appearance, uhm... Barry Manilow (seems like we'll get one each week now). Song choice was no more a problem, all the contestants know who they are now and therefore all have songs that suit them best. Everyone's got an equal chance to shine. Katharine McPhee delivered her strongest performance so far, I think. Mandisa, Taylor, Paris still stayed on top of the game. What started to bore me is Chris Daughtry's refusal to compromise. That was a great thing to stay true to himself, but that rock rendition of Johnny Cash's 'I Walk The Line' was just out of place and I don't like the way he stared when he sang it. I'm a little bit worried about Lisa now, her performance this week was just alright, there' s a chance she's gonna be in the bottom three again. Work harder, girl, I'm rooting for ya. Paula Abdul also get on my nerves now with her ridiculous behavior: the way she stood and clapped her hands and kissed the contestants' asses like everyone's gonna be the next American Idol. That was just overpositive. I actually found myself agree with Simon many times, except his comment on Taylor's performance this week.My pick to go home would have to be Bucky. Kevin should be out too, but maybe next week.Here are my top 5 for this week, in order:

1. Mandisa
2. Taylor Hicks
3. Paris Bennett
4. Katharine McPhee
5. Elliott Yamin

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