Thursday, March 30, 2006

American Idol Season 5 - Episode 24 Recaps

I was really excited when I found out that this week’s theme will be Songs From The 21st Century. It will bring a breath of fresh air to the show and the contestants will have a chance to prove they can do contemporary stuff too. However, the night didn’t turn out to be exactly what I expected. Song choice once again is the problem. Seems like many of them just chose their favorite songs, which have been listened so many times that they can hardly do anything new and different with them. And most of the songs these days aren’t as vocally challenging as before. The shining star tonight’s gotta be Paris Bennett aka Princess P. She definitely worked it out, man. Katharine McPhee was also brilliant with her version of Christina Aguilera’s ‘The Voice Within’. I started to hate Ace now, he tried too damn hard to take advantage of his hunky image. I also agree with Simon that it’s time Chris stepped out of his comfort zone and did something he’s never done before for a change, and stopped taking other artists’ arrangements to do his rocked-up cover versions. Mandisa, Elliott and Taylor both did a quite good job as usual. The one that let me down the most is Lisa Tucker. Her version of Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Because Of You’ is so uninspiring and a bit hollow. She didn’t make me feel the song the way Kelly does. That’s the big risk she’s bravely taken considering the song’s still in Billboard Top 40, so comparison is unavoidable. I can’t believe I would ever say this, but I think Lisa will be the one going home tomorrow, although I would prefer Bucky to have the lowest votes.
Here are my ranks for tonight’s performances:

1. Paris Bennett
2. Katharine McPhee
3. Mandisa
4. Taylor Hicks
5. Elliott Yamin

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