Thursday, March 30, 2006

American Idol Season 5 - Episode 25 Recaps

Wow, wow, wow. A shocking result episode. Shakira was in the house with Wyclef Jean of The Fugees, performing live 'Hips Don't Lie', woohoo! The sexy songstress did her own thing, stole the show with her breathtaking, mindblowing, don’t-watch-when-parents-are-around performance. I think the single should make a big leap on the charts soon, based on the huge ratings of the show. Oh and I spotted Justin Guarini aka That Loser From Season One in the audience. More shameless promotions from Fox, this time it involved the contestants going to an advance screening of Ice Age 2: The Meltdown and coming out with, of course, ass-kissing comments.
The bottom three tonight was confusing. I can understand why Ace and Lisa didn’t get many votes, but how the hell can Bucky still sat there safely while Katharine, one of the most authentic performers of last night, stood still in the middle of the stage. Be very ashamed for your choice, America! I never thought I would say this this soon, but I have to: Lisa got dropped out tonight, as I predicted. So wrong. She used to be so good in the top 24, but then she just kept losing it with bad song choice. But her reactions to it is adorable, yes there’s no need to cry, it’s just a competition.It’s okay, she’s only 16, she’s gone a long way since that awesome audition, she’s got plenty of time to work it out. Her encore was the most dramatic one this season, with the whole crew came join her on the stage, and Paris so teary-eyed. I don’t why but her encore sounded so much better than last night. Lucky for her because Fox gave her air time to finish the performance, for the first time since the final round. Keep smiling and keep your dreams alive, Lisa. It’s kinda funny how I always root for the one that never got too far, this time last year I was rooting for Nadia Turner but she only made it to the top 8. Guess I never go with the mass’ choice.
Next week’s theme will be country, so Kellie and Bucky will stay safe while the others have to try to adapt theirselves to the theme. Let’s wait and find out how well they’re gonna do it. Stay tuned for more idolicious recaps. Zeon…Out!

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