Monday, April 17, 2006

All Is Categorized! attempt to categorize all my posts has been successfully completed. Now you can view my posts all neatly boxed up in 4 different categories: American Idol Season 5 Recaps, Picks Of The Week, CD Reviews and Miscellaneous. Big thanks to Amit and his website for letting me try this great feature. Y'all should try it if you want to get this feature which Blogger doesn't offer us. Took me about half an hour to add all the posts to their proper places, but it's worth it. Now you guys can browse my blog easily and search for what you need to read. It's great for both me and viewers. So things are in arrangements here now, and it feels great!

When I was rewinding back to the old posts, I found this very interesting comment, which I had no idea it existed there. Kinda made me feel a little bit guilty. Check that out and you'll know what I mean, here's the link:

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