Friday, April 07, 2006

American Idol Season 5 - Episode 27 Recaps

What the hell was going on last night? Totally ourageous. Unspeakably inexplicable. Shockingly unexpected. I still can't figure out what was the voters thinking. Such a shame. Getting Mandisa kicked out of the show last night was the biggest mistake America has made this season. Okay, I agree her song choice wasn't really smart and the song kinda sucked, and country definitely wasn't her thing, but come on, this show isn't about voting for the song you like, it's about voting for the singer with the best vocals and personality. So even if your favorite singer didn't choose the right song, you should still stick to her, right? We all know Mandisa is a big big girl, but she stands up as a big big brave girl, she's spunky and fun-loving and can sing her ass off. Last week, I had to witness Lisa walking away, and this week, even Mandisa, my favorite to win the competition now, follow Lisa's footsteps too. What's happening? Feels like I can't stand to watch the show anymore when the talented get booted and the suckers (Ace & Bucky) keep sticking their asses on the safe seats. Mandisa wasn't the only suprise, though. How come Elliott and Paris got in the bottom three? They both had excellent song choice and did the songs justice, especially Paris. I just don't get it. Does that anti-Idol campaign 'Vote For The Worst' finally pay off? This is just confusing, I have no idea what's going on in your head, America. You're gonna think back and regret someday for the unthinkable thing you're capable of doing tonight. Mandisa, you walk out proud, with all that bling bling on your neck shimmering on your face! Keep pursuing your dreams, Mandiva!

Y'all, let's pay a tribute to Mandisa by rewatching her exit last night. I think they're gonna stay there for a while before YouTube tried to remove it.

I've also got the Ford music video 'Just One Look' for you guys. Enjoy!

Next week's theme: Queen. Get ready to rock on with my empoweringly idolicious recaps. Zeon...Out!

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