Thursday, April 20, 2006

American Idol Season 5 - Episode 30 Recaps

I weren't quite able to manage to arrange my busy schedule to sit down and watch the whole night, so last night I missed 3 performances. So today, I tried to dig up the internet database and finally heard and saw all of the missing ones. I gotta say: this is one of the best night of the season. Rod Stewart did a nice job as a vocal coach (although he just seemed to have fun fooling around with the contestants), most of the idols found their elements and sway the audience with their crooning taken straight from the American songbook. Let's mention the stunning Katharine's excellent night closing performance. Very classy and elegant. She made the song so sweet and vulnerable and ended the night with a high note. Paris is also unbelievable. Listening to her singing made you feel like being in some lounge, chilling to the jazzy melodies. This song should be the one to be recorded on the upcoming American Idol compilation album. Chris did the unexpected and showed the other side of him. Elliott and Taylor were safe this week, that I can say. But not quite sure for Ace and Kellie, though. At first, when the camera rolled to Ace who was still in shadows, I thought he cut his hair short. Nah, he just tied it up on the back, looked ridiculous, like a cheap Italian mafia in a B-movie. His performace made me snooze, nothing special. Kellie even got me to yawn so much, her lame attempt at the song was off pitch and so boring. Although Kellie's clearly the worst this week (funny how she did so well last week and then became this week's worst), I think her fanbase wouldn't vote me off yet. Ace deserved to be booted this week.
Here goes my top 5 for the current week:

1. Katharine McPhee
2. Paris Bennett

3. Taylor Hicks
4. Chris Daughtry
5. Elliott Yamin

Next: My recaps for elimination night.

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