Wednesday, April 26, 2006

American Idol Season 5 - Episode 32 Recaps

Big show tonight. We got Andrea Bocelli and producer David Foster as guest vocal coaches, they were being kinda picky and strict to the contestants, but I think they've got all the right reasons to do so, because tonight's theme 'Classic Love Songs' is very hard to swallow. All these songs have been around for years, everyone knows them, and they're really vocally challenging. They also had to try to bring something new to the table. Listening to Andrea's comments in limited English didn't help much to predict how the performances would turn out. Katharine started off the night in color, literally. Somehow seeing her doing a big number in a revealing, garishly bright yellow dress (oooh, nice cleavage, by the way) really reminded me of Mariah Carey! So she's nowhere as brilliant as Mariah or Whitney, the song was too big for her, but she did manage to fulfill it in some ways. Next, Elliott brought tears to Paula's eyes (she looked real weird when she tried to show emotions), and I admit his performance was quite good. Forget his teeth, forget his goofy smile, this guy can definitely sing. After the first two performances, things got a little rough. I wasn't blown away by Paris, Taylor, Chris and so not by Kellie. Disappointing song choice for Taylor (and David said it was perfect, how accurate considering him an established producer). Paris was good, but not enough to capture my attention. Chris was okay, nice thing he got the acoustic crew to accompany him. And Kellie...what can I say...ugly hairstyle...inappropriate dressing...strange vocals. The song was way out of her league. As I said before, it's really hard that the show has got to this point, when every singer is quite good and losing anyone of them is a loss. However, I think this week the most deserving one to go home is Kellie. Sure, she's America's sweetheart, easy on the eyes and inspiring to the fans, but she just isn't great enough to the make the cut. Who knows, she might as well stay safe as we witness a better one gets sent home. All depends on the voters, which have been very unpredictable this season.
Since only 6 contestants remain in the competition, I'll rank them all based on their performances this week only:

1. Elliott Yamin
2. Katharine McPhee
3. Paris Bennett
4. Taylor Hicks
5. Chris Daughtry
6. Kellie Pickler

Join me tomorrow for the results. Zeon..Out!

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