Saturday, April 29, 2006

American Idol Season 5 - Episode 33 Recaps

So, interesting night, huh? Simon gave apology to Katharine, admitting that after watching her performance again on tape, he realized he was wrong. Andrea gave a great vocal show-off, although I really don't like his kind of music. And Kellie got sent home. That's fine, after all she's got to this far, being in the top 6 is a big accomplishment for a small country town girl like her, and I've got a feeling her journey doesn't really end here. I bet we're gonna see more of this sweet blonde. Also for the first time, the top 2 was revealed. Katharine and Chris. Though we didn't know for sure who was on the top spot, my guess would be Katharine. She has made a big leap since the beginning of the show. She's just got the whole package: the Norahjonesy voice, the gorgeous face, the fun-loving personality. It seems that everyone's rooting on her now. Can't really say the same for Taylor Hicks, who's been losing his sparks. It's time he stopped playing around and concentrated on one captivating moment if he actually wants to win this game. Rant: Fox and airtime. You don't even let Kellie finish her talk and sing her way out to make time for the commercial. Rave: finally, a new acoustic version of 'Bad Day' for us to remember those moments. I started to get sick to death of the same old weary song played every week.You all won't seem to stop listening to that song, will you? Lots of 'Bad Day' equals lots of bad days for us, and that song just keeps sticking to the number one spot on the charts. Now's that the AIFX! Next week...we've got the top 5 battling again to stay out of the cruel elimination process. It's gonna be hard to vote now, so be wise. Keep your idolmania high with my idolicious recaps. By the way, in case you didn't notice, I put up a poll to let you decide who should be crowned the next American Idol. So pick and click! Zeon...Out!

Bonus materials for the die-hard fans:

Check out Katharine McPhee's rendition of 'I Have Nothing' again! Enjoy the cleavage! :-)

How about Chris Daughtry with 'Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?'

The Ford Top 6 Music Video

The Ford Top 7 Music Video from the previous week

As for next week, the Billboard theme will be done again! I love this theme, can't wait to hear what they pick!

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