Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Introducing...Zeon's Music Video Directorial Debut

Well, actually, not really the first one I made, just the first one that I uploaded online. I submitted it for the DIY contest of Yellowcard's Underdogs Team, where we're supposed to make our own video versions for their single 'Lights And Sounds'. Didn't take me much time though, I just gathered a bunch of footages I recorded a while back, edited them, mixed and matched a little. That little girl in the video is actually my little sister. The music video's kinda dark and emo, it tried to express the basic idea about stepping out of the dark corner and bathing yourself to the lights. There are 7 members entering their submissions and the others voted for their favorite. I ended up being at the fifth place, which is okay, but I still felt like I deserved a few more votes. Doesn't matter, so I'm going to post it here for y'all to see and judge my directing skills, as a little bonus feature for the blog. Feel free to give comments if you have anything to say. Here you go:

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