Saturday, April 15, 2006

Zeon's Music Blog...Big Things Happen This Summer

As you can see, I just added two nice little features on my sidebar (Artists & Bands I Love, which freakin' took me about 15 minutes to put all the links there, and a poll, where you can rate my blog on a scale of 1 to 5 stars! (Feel free to speak your mind! I don't mind a bad rate, but there's always your trace...heh heh...just kidding) Also, it has just rained here, the weather's chilly and all, so I think it's just the perfect time to announce an important news here.

This summer, Zeon's Music Blog will get bigger, cooler, and zeonier than ever before.
1. I'm gonna add a whole new appealing daily (yes, daily!) feature to the blog, which will be supposed to run for this summer only, I haven't decided a clichéd name for it yet, but's here the idea: everyday, I'm gonna post 5 great, eye-popping music videos I think you must see via YouTube, directed by my favorite music video directors. There's gonna stuff you see before (the mainstream ones) and the stuff you should have seen (the indietastic ones). So look out for that.
2. CD Reviews. I haven't posted any since Jan 2006, due to the lack of time. However, this summer, I'm gonna let loose and try to post one review each day to make up for all the ones I'm supposed to write since the beginning of 2006, expect to read a lot of good recommendations (there's still a ton of tracks I put on hold).
3. Miscellaneous plans: I'm thinking about designing a banner for the blog with a Wo! factor, as soon as I figure out how to put that on the top of the blog. Possibly, an avatar (be glad, you'll get a chance to see my face in disguise). Maybe I should try to categorize my messy posts. (anyone has any idea how to do it, comment please!) Oh and this sounds great, the first edition of my mp3 mixtape is under construction. It should make it online in time for the summer. It's gonna be fabulous, I promise.

Almost forgot to mention this. Zeon's Music Blog is building the hype everyday, it has passed the 1000 visitors mark (seems so small compared to all those big bro music blogs, but I take it as an achievement). We have an average of about 35 visitors passing by my blog every day. So things are just gonna get better. Way better. All of this and more, coming this summer (damn it, just can't wait! Must get through final exams first!)

In the meantime, keep surfing my blog, there's a whole load of intriguing posts in the archives, and just click on any ads you're interested in, that will only help the blog, so big thanks to all visitors and frequent flyers who have been keeping this blog alive. See y'all next time.

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