Thursday, May 04, 2006

American Idol Season 5 - Episode 34 Recaps

If I could use three words to sum up last night show, they would be wild, fun and refreshing. It was great to see the contestants get back to these contemporary songs after the preivous week of classics. The finish line is near, so everyone tried to speed up and find new tricks, new gimmicks to weigh in as more votes as possible. We got Taylor lying on the floor. We got Katharine down on her knees (that choreography was way awkward, although she did try to make it seem laidback and sexy). However, her cover of KT Tunstall's 'Black Horse & The Cherry Tree' (one of my favorite songs from one of my new favorite artists) was by far the most contemporary, straightforward performance. She was having a lot of fun, and she got me all smiling like: 'Wow, that's a real wise choice). Paris, on the edge of going home, did a nice performance too with Mary J. Blige 'Be Without You'. For the Billboard Top 10 theme, Elliott just didn't sound great to me singing Michael Bublé's 'Home'. The song required some smooth, sweet, floating vocals and he just didn't give me that feeling. 'Broadway' was also a bit rough. I don't know what happened to all the contestants but it seemed like they don't have enough strength to do 2 songs a night, because that meant a lot of practicing over and over again. See, Chris, he sang Shinedown's 'I Dare You' like he was out of breath, and the song was too heavy on the screaming loud part. On the other hand, Taylor showed that the grey-haired's got a knack for finding loopholes when he managed to pull out a way-back-in-the-days Beatles song from the Pop Catalog chart and he did it pretty good. The birthday year them was random, everyone just picked a particular song and had fun with it, nothing much to rave about. Except that it's kinda funny how two of the songs picked were sung by Scott Savor last season. Overall, at this point of the competition, Katharine seems to be the one that have everyone root for, and if she can make a real breakthrough performance, she'll probably be the last one left for all the glory. The one that would be left behind after this week? Gotta be Ann Nesby's squeaky-voiced, perky granddaughter Paris. She was a real good singer, and she's got style, that I can tell, but she just didn't attract enough votes to be the one. Don't worry, you can still hear her again because the compilation cd will be released very soon and then, of course, the summer tour.Here's my ranking for the fabulous 5:

1. Katharine McPhee
2. Chris Daughtry

3. Paris Bennett
4. Taylor Hicks
5. Elliott Yamin

Come back soon for the results show recaps, I wonder if there will be a guest performer.

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