Friday, May 05, 2006

American Idol Season 5 - Episode 35 Recaps

Okay, so no guest stars last night. Instead, we've got an emsemble performance from the top 5, which was okay, but quite cheesy with the choirs and the lyrics and all. As correctly as my predictions were, Paris and Elliott was in the bottom two, and as accurately as I bet, Paris could only get to this far and have to pack her suitcases home. The question is: where would she go from here? Sing vocal background for her grandma? Let's see when we'll see a comeback of the Princess.
So next week, there's gonna be the most exciting theme ever of this season. Each of the remaining top 4 will get a their own private jet to fly their way to Graceland, Elvis Presley's hometown, meet major music big boss Tommy Mottola (aka Mariah Carey's ex-husband), and of course, pick the legendary king's songs to sing. A promising theme that can be fun to watch. So arrange your schedules, remember to sit there when it comes on air.
I'll end the post with a regular video feature. Watch two of Katharine McPhee's performance this week again and see to yourself why she's such a big deal.

Against All Odds

Black Horse & The Cherry Tree

More idolicious recaps coming your way. Zeon...Out!

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