Friday, May 12, 2006

American Idol Season 5 - Episode 36 & 37 Recaps

Sorry for the slow updates on this week's Idol. To save time, I'm gonna merge all two episode recaps in one post.
So this week, the final four got to Graceland to have some vocal advice from Tommy Mottola and each got two Elvis numbers to take on. It was difficult for Katharine considering she's the only female remaining in the competition. First performance of her, I think it was a cool idea to have a kinda mash-up with 'Hound Dog/All Shook Up'. Man, she looked fine in those jeans, but she got some serious pitch problems, and even forgot a line in the lyrics. Second try to redeem herself with 'Can't Help Falling In Love With You' didn't click either. She seems to be losing it, if she doesn't try to practice harder she could miss being there at the finale. And Chris, you didn't look any cooler wearing those shades. However, he did do 'Suspicious Minds' justice, a little break from his usual loud rock mumbo jumbo. And he did sound cool singing in low key for 'A Little Less Conversation', but he just messed the song up at the end. Taylor had fun doing goofy dance moves again with 'Jailhouse Rock', and proved how well he can sing with 'In The Ghetto'. Like the judges said, perfect choice. Another one who always bring it one every week is Elliott Yamin, he made Paula change her mind just a few minutes after she claimed his first performance of 'If I Could Dream' his best one yet with 'Trouble' (which was properly done by Carrie Underwood last season). Overall, I quite enjoyed the night, everyone got problems here and there, so it's rather hard to predict who would go home. Based on the fan base, I would have to pick Elliott. He's the underdog, he's humble and can sing his ass off, but that doesn't seem enough for the voters, I guess.
Here go my ranks for the top 4:

1. Taylor Hicks
2. Elliott Yamin
3. Chris Daughtry
4. Katharine McPhee

The next evening, I tuned in without acknowledging the greatest shock in this season (yes, even more shocking than Mandisa elimination). The Elvis medley was fun to watch, and Rebecca Romijin took advantage of her superstar power to request an encore from Taylor Hicks. Because of his jailhouse rock, there's not much air time left, which lead Ryan Seacrest to delivering the bad news in a kind of quick, cold, harsh way, and made everyone's mouth, including Katharine's, shaped like Os. Yes, Chris was sent home. You never thought this would happen since he had been long considered a first-choice one to win. We can never quite guessed the reason why. Fans of his don't seem to like the softer side of Chris. Or could it be that they thought he was safe, and went on voting for another? Or they just disgusted the boxer briefs comment? Whatever they were thinking, it didn't matter anymore, see what you've done. He definitely looked shocked and lost for words. No worries, though, Fuel already offered him to join the band, and he's got so many opportunities, maybe it's actually good for him to not win the game, see what happened to Bo Bice, he lost his voice and has gone all mainstream pop now. So now, Katharine's likely to be the next to follow Chris' steps if she doesn't try to work real hard soon enough. Next week, go join the enormous crowd if you happen to live in one of the three's home state. Celebration! Plus, we're now officially two weeks away from the season finally. Be prepared, count down and vote like crazy! No one's safe. Remember that.
Check back next week for more idoliffic recaps. Zeon...Out!

By the way, Taylor's fans must check out this site. A Pacman game, American Idol style. Help Taylor escape the claws of Katharine, Chris and Elliott. Can be quite addictive.

Update: A few video treats as usual. Sorry for the quality.

Taylor's Welcome Home Parade

Elliott's Welcome Home Parade

Watch the Elvis medley again!

And Chris' shocking elimination.

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