Sunday, May 21, 2006

American Idol Season 5 - Episode 39 Recaps

Okay, one-hour elimination episode. We've seen the top 3 coming back to their hometown like never before, with thousands of people showed up just to get a glimpse of them. Taylor got to be the weatherman. Elliott got to throw a ball and sing in a baseball stadium. He even proved how nice he is by writing notes to people who was missing work to go see him. And Katharine got her whole high school shakening up (by the way, FYI, she was in the same school as Rachel Bilson). Think about that, get green in envy, more reasons for you to try an audition this summer. The Ford music video was fun as hell, big props to their make-up artists. Plus, three encores of three songs they recorded on the cd 'Encores'. And, shamelessly, to fill the airtime, they invited Clive Davis onstage just to kiss his ass and let him throw out statistics and numbers just to show off how many copies, nominees and awards the previous idols sold and received. And at last, the big moment came. The figures showed up on screen in everyone's awe. So close. So very close. As I predicted, Elliott seemed to be a few votes short from being in the top 2, with 33.06 % of votes. The question remains: who got the 33.68 % and who ran up with 33.26 %. And was it really that close? We've gotta find out next week. Whoever wins, I want a better song than 'Inside Your Heaven' to be released as a single. We'll all buy it in the end, but we deserve to get a great finale song, right?
Meanwhile, I post the tracklist for 'Encores' and tons of videos for you guys today! Indulge in the AI5 madness, again! Zeon...Out!

American Idol Season 5: Encores

(Kellie and Taylor looks screwed on this cover)

1. What About Love- Melissa McGhee
2. Superstition- Bucky Covington
3. I'm Every Woman- Mandisa
4. Wanted Dead Or Alive- Chris Daughtry
5. Father Figure- Ace Young
6. Takin' It To The Streets- Taylor Hicks
7. Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I"m Yours)- Lisa Tucker
8. Walkin' After Midnight- Kellie Pickler
9. Moody's Mood For Love- Elliott Yamin
10. Think- Katharine McPhee
11. Midnight Train To Georgia- Paris Bennett
12. When I Fall In Love- Kevin Covais

(I would prefer Chris doing 'Hemorrhage' and Kat doing 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' (though impossible) for the cd)

And here's the video feast:

Katharine's Photoshoot Footage

Two parts of Katharine's interview on hometown Fox channel

Elliott singing at Richmond Braves game, 5/12/06

Elliott throwing his first ball at the stadium

Elliott's interview on hometown Fox channel

Taylor Hicks at Governor's Mansion

Taylor Hicks' appearance at Riverchase Galleria

Chris Daughtry's interview on Ellen DeGeneres Show

Ford Top 5 Music Video

Ford Top 4 Music Video

And finally, saving the best for last, Katharine's powerhouse performance of 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow'

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