Wednesday, May 24, 2006

American Idol Season 5 - Episode 40 Recaps

So Idolmaniacs, last night was the night we'd been waiting for since January. The one big, sparkling night, when two of the best fought for every single vote of yours. Soul Patrol vs. McPheever. Celebrity Sightings: Mandy Moore, Ben Stiller, Chris Daughtry, Constantine Maroulis and pretty much the other 9 castaways. All gathered up at Kodak Theater to see the shining of two contestants with such different styles and personality. Too bad they didn't flip the coin on air this year, last year's was fun. Katharine started up the night in a breezy way with 'Black Horse & The Cherry Tree'. It was fun and crowd-pleasing, though nothing different from the first time we saw it, except that Kat stood this time. And then, Taylor livened up the audience again with Stevie Wonder's 'Livin' For The City', and I found myself doing his windmill dance moves along (although that purple coat was the ugliest outfit on an idol this season, to be frank). According to Simon, round 1, Taylor won, but I thought that they were equally good. Round 2: Kat did it again after 7 days with 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow', and still I felt so overwhelmed by her breathy vocals, just like the first time I heard it. Must remember to download that performance for my iPod, it's the performance you should remember of when you think of 'Season 5', truly. On the other side, Taylor didn't do so good with his second encore for 'Live On'. Yes, it was good, but just didn't sound as good as before and got kinda pitchy and low-key in some parts. So, once again, according to Simon-with-a-jacket, Kat wins round 2, so it depended on the last song for both, which is an all-new debut single. Last year's single 'Inside Your Heaven', I didn't love it, and this year seemed to be the same. How hard it is to find another 'A Moment Like This' or even 'Flying Without Wings' (trying to forget the fact that this song was originally sung by...shudders...Westlife) ? Katharine's song 'My Destiny' wasn't really catching my attention. First, cheesy name. Second, the verses are too low, and she sounded strained and screechy at the high notes. This didn't seem right at all. Taylor's song 'Do I Make You Proud' was slightly better, still cheesy, but more radio-ready. And he did sing it with all his heart. Up to this moment, come to think of it, I thought maybe the grey fox is really genuinely smart. Maybe he meant to slow down on second song to save up his energy for the last one. Maybe Kat lost so much vocal strength for her second performance that her voice got weakened in the end. Simon's last comment nailed down my prediction, and slew my thoughts about the chances for Kat. I know y'all don't vote because you listened to him, but for the truth that you know what you want, but this guy was serious about this. To be honest, I'd love to see Kat win, she's devastatingly gorgeous, she's got this stardom quality, and can definitely sing. I love Taylor, too, but then I wonder if he can really get out there. The winner's single 's gonna be number one in the country for sure, no matter how the song sucks, especially with the help of digital sales these days. But is there any suitable contemporary station that will spread his single when his debut album comes out, 'cause the stuff he loved isn't so contemporary. I don't want him to go all mainstream and pop like Bo, don't want him to lose himself to make money for the label RCA. He deserves to win this, but well, we can never tell, tonight I'll be there sticking my eyes for the two-hour finale. To sum up, my last word is: The next American Idol will be...Taylor Hicks.
By the way, I just discovered two interesting fact. One: rumor has it that Kat's dad is a TV producer and used to work with Seacrest in 2004. Two: it seemed that people all over the world can actually vote via Skype. So if there's still time left, why not go for it?

I'll leave you with all the performance videos for this week, via YouTube:

Katharine McPhee's:

Black Horse And The Cherry Tree

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

My Destiny

Taylor Hicks':

Livin' For The City

Live On:

Do I Make You Proud:

The last dose of recaps from Zeon, tomorrow! Zeon...Out!

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