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American Idol Season 5 - Episode 41/ Season Finale Recaps

It's a beautiful Sunday morning, a few days after the finale. We all know who's the new American Idol by now. Very sorry for my lateness. I'm gonna do a quick recap for this unfinished business and then let you watch some of the best moments of that Wednesday night again, and end up this whole thing sweetly by posting up some pre-Idol mp3s of Taylor Hicks.
What a proper way to start the night with an ensemble performance of the top 12 with the previous Idol Carrie Underwood singing 'Through The Rain' (no, not that dull Mariah Carey song). And then some usual remember-all-we've-been-through clip montage. The real deal of the night is the collaborations of the top 5 and the special guests (not their own idols). Paris jammed with Al Jarreau (who's this guy, I don't even know him!). Then Live surprisingly showed up with Chris Daughtry to sing 'Mystery' from their lastest album 'Songs From The Mountain' (great way to promote). After a 'Puck N' Pickler' sketch making fun of Pickler's ditziness (aren't we all tired of this already), Kat joined Meat Loaf for a real painful collaboration, trying to rework a Celine Dion song 'All Coming Back To Me'. The rocker dude sounded like he would never get a chance to past the audition round, and Kat trying to evoke emotions made me wonder if she ever got a role in a substandard school play. And this was the part where parents covered their beloved children's eyes due to Kat's cleavage. I don't mind, her boobs are fine! (I'm such a perv) This whole thing is an utter collapse. Star power finally came with one Mary J. Blige and a little Elliott singing U2 classic 'One'. (he's like an elf standing next to her, she outsung him and stole his spotlight and made him look like a backup singer for her). Still, Elliott and Mary's was the best collaboration out of the 5. For the last one, we've got Taylor and...Toni Braxton singing 'In The Ghetto'. Toni was all over Taylor, she didn't sing much, just danced around and flirted him. That was kinda sick, like a naughty little girl trying to seduce her gray-haired uncle (did that sound too graphic?). Although the collaborations didn't turn out to be as good as I expected, the medleys were pleasantly worth watching. The guy's medley really gave a chance for the others to sing, Taylor basically just sang harmonies and played his harmonica. The key was arranged to suit each, so they all sounded fine. And then the girls really brought it on with their female-empowerment-theme medley. You've got it all here; 'Oh Man I Feel Like A Woman', 'I'm Every Woman', 'Natural Woman'...It's good to see Mandisa do her thing again. We've got a bonus performance of Carrie's new boring single 'Don't Forget To Remember Me' (which is like a hidden message from her). Finally, all 12 joined together for the Burt Bacharach medley. Lisa sang so well standing by his piano. Special guest Dionne Warwick got up the stage and did the magic to end the tribute. Moving on to the less exciting part. This year, we've got 'The Golden Idols Awards' as the time filler, to make fun and give out statues for the suckers (except the award for Elliott's mom). That was the great thing about AI. In the end, no matter if you're bad or good, you've all got a slice of the big AI cake of the big finale party. There were outstanding male and female performer award(whoever received it, I don't even care to remember their names). The Randy Jackson Award was given to Rhonetta (that staged clip was fun as hell, I wonder what she works for a living, I'm pretty sure she's a wh***). The Impersonator Award was given to Michael Sandecki (that queer Clay Aiken lookalike who blamed his screeches on his needing to pee), who got the time of his life, having no clue that Clay was gonna join him in 'Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me', once made famous by...George Michael and...Elton John. What a meaningful performance! (I'm being sarcastic, in case you don't know). Clay looked even uglier with his new shaggy emo hairstyle. I sit there, watching that kid totally freaking out, wondering how can this Clay get to be the runner-up of season 2. Gross fun. The final award, Best Friendship, was given to that 'Brokenote Mountain' cowboy trio, and they did have a chance to perform on stage, actually they weren't that bad, I must say. Oh, did I mention the Ford commercial, this was like a clip show, with Kat and Taylor in a drive-in watching and laughing at their own goofy music videos. And they both got a new Mustang. Jealousy. Just as when I thought all this 2-hour trashy fun ended to get to the results, Prince showed up...solo. His performance was pretty cool and all, but where did this guy come from? It seemed like this was a last-minute thing, because he was reported to be added as a vocal judge and guest star but that didn't happen, so he tried to redeem it (and get his cd up a few notches on the charts) by performing near the end of the show? After Prince, still one more performance left, with Kat, who looked fabulous in a beautiful gown, and Taylor dueting the Dirty Dancing theme '(I've Had) The Time Of My Life'.
Finally, the moment had come. Wasn't as intense as last season. Kat seemed to know her fate, donning a dark-colored dress. We all knew it already. Soul Patrol Woo-hoo! Taylor almost cried. But it was David Hasselhoff who burst into tears instead. (BTW, the vampire with a soul 'Angel' aka David Boreanaz was in the house with his son, sorry can't help it) Confetti all over the stage. His hometown cheered. 'Do I Make You Proud' was sung again. Everybody joined on stage for the last time, hugging Taylor, as the curtains fell (actually, there were no curtains). Great, I finished work here. It's been a lot of fun blogging on each episode, but it's been taking a lot of my time. Not sure if I'll do it again next year, but for sure I'll still be watching. Thanks to you guys for joining me on this journey.


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Videos: (props to the uploader)

Top 12 and Carrie Underwood-Through The Rain

Paris & Al Jarreau-We're In This Together

Chris & Live-Mystery

Katherine & Meat Loaf-All Coming Back To Me

Elliott & Mary J. Blige-One

Taylor & Toni Braxton-In The Ghetto

Taylor & Kat-(I've Had) The Time Of My Life

Guy's Medley

Girl's Medley

Burt Bacharach Medley

Carrie Underwood-Don't Forget To Remember Me

Prince's performance

Clay & Micheal

The Cowboy Trio

Top 2 Ford Commercial

Taylor Hicks back in the days, performing with his band

And Taylor now, as the new American Idol!


Check out these three songs from Taylor Hick's pre-Idol cd, 'Under The Radar'. This cd should be on everyone's hunt by now. He clearly know what he's doing right from the start. Click to download.

Hell Of A Day
Heart And Soul
Soul Thing

Kat's single 'My Destiny' will be released June 20 with 'Think' as b-side.
Taylor's single 'Do I Make You Proud' will be released June 13 with 'Takin' It To The Streets' as b-side.
Here are the cd covers.

There you have it, the longest entry in Zeon's Music Blog history. Have Fun. Zeon...Out!

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