Tuesday, June 06, 2006

VidVibe: Jake Nava - Part I

This is the launch of a brand new weekday feature for Zeon's Music Blog. After many rejected ideas for a name, I decided to go with VidVibe. This feature's goal is to dig up and make use of the vast online video vault YouTube, presenting 5 great music videos for you to watch everyday from Monday to Friday. You may have seen some. Some you might not have seen. Since I consider music video as an extension for music, visualizing songs in countless ways, I will dedicate this to the music video directors, the guys behind the camera. Each director will get their own rotations, depending on their videography, their most impressive works will be divided into parts. I plan to do this for this summer only, but let's see what I can do more when it's there.
The first director I decide to honor is Jake Nava, who's probably got the coolest name in the music video industry. Starting his career in the UK, he has directed videos for many British pop stars before breaking into the US with his directing Beyoncé's debut solo video 'Crazy In Love'. Since then, he has been directing for a lot of big names. His visual style can be concluded in one word: glamorous. He's at his best when he directs an upbeat song, which obviously involves clubbing or choreography, blinding lights work and flashy close-ups. He also has a knack for picking gorgeous shooting locations. This first part will show his works in the pop scene.
Today, we've got Kylie Minogue pole dancing on L.A. streets, Natasha Bedingfield showing us a quick tour of her fun single life, Aussie once-famous-Britneyesque-pop-starlet Holly Valance showing off her fine legs on billboards after the rain, Britney Spears splashing her car into a pool, and finally, the British songstress Dido wandering around beautiful wild places in Africa. Watch a handful of them, and feel free to comment if you like this new addition to the blog.

Kylie Minogue/ Red Blooded Woman

Natasha Bedingfield/ Single

Holly Valance/ Naughty Girl

Britney Spears/ My Prerogative

Dido/ Don't Leave Home

Tomorrow: Jake's work in the R&B/Hip-Hop scene.

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