Wednesday, June 07, 2006

VidVibe: Jake Nava - Part II

Thank God the world didn't end yesterday.
Alright, part deux of Jake's VidVibe, this time we're digging his work for the r&b/hip-hop scene.
The thing is, when an artist finds a director who understand well how to translate their music to the motions, they stick to them. Like Missy Elliott's got Dave Meyers. Like The White Stripes have Michel Gondry. Like Green Day's got Samuel Bayer. And like Beyoncé's got Jake Nava. He's the one that directed her first ever solo music video, and she's the one who introduced him to the US music video directing industry. He's got a lot of US artists coming for him after they saw what he did with 'Crazy In Love', and later, he even convinced Destiny's Child to strip down for their hottest video to date 'Cater 2 U'. Lucky bastard!
So all three Beyoncé videos directed by Jake will be shown here. We've got so many classic moments from these ones. Beyoncé in red shoes and short shorts doing her sassy-walking on the streets. Beyoncé finger-licking in front of a giant wind machine. Beyoncé kicking the fire hydrant, letting all rain down on her. Beyoncé moaning, sweating on her fur bed. Beyoncé shaking her booty in a pool at night with nothing on but a bikini. Beyoncé teaming up with Usher for some damn hot moves. Beyoncé soaking herself wet in a giant wine glass. The list goes on...Priceless. Gotta love to love them videos! I hope he will work the magic again for her upcoming single 'Déjà Vu'!
Mind-numbingly beautiful lighting work. Multiple costumes change. And drop dead cool locations. Talk about Destiny's Child catering for us. Beyoncé wants to take a dive in the middle of nowhere. Or would we rather fix Kelly's car, or sip a drink with Michelle? That Jake. Got all our fantasies fulfilled.
Last dose of eyepoppers, don't forget to visit Kelis cooking up the whole diner with her milkshake while Nas is watching behind the kitchen. Mmmmhmm...milkshake. Enjoy!
Tomorrow, more pop videos from Jake Nava.

Beyoncé feat. Jay Z/ Crazy In Love

Beyoncé feat. Sean Paul/ Baby Boy

Beyoncé/ Naughty Girl

Destiny's Child/ Cater 2 U

Kelis/ Milkshake

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