Friday, June 09, 2006

VidVibe: Jake Nava - Part III

You know what, Jake's at his best when he's got to direct music videos for upbeat, bouncy songs, which probably always involves dancing and flashing in the clubs. And that's what they're looking for when they come for him, to get heavy rotations on music channels. Back in the days, he's already good at that kind of videos. You can see Atomic Kitten and Mis-Teeq, two manufactured UK girl pop groups, dancing their night away in skimpy outfits at fancy clubs. And in Lindsay Lohan's first real music video, where she can get all saucy and steamy, showing off her fast-paced lifestyle. Still that signature style for Mariah Carey's European-only music video 'Get Your Number'. And then, you can see this rare video he directed for Japanese pop star Utada Hikaru, when she attempted to invade US with an English album, which totally flopped anyway.
Tomorrow: Last part of Jake's VidVibe, this time he rocks with the rockers. Have fun watching.

Atomic Kitten/ Be With You

Mis-Teeq/ Scandalous

Lindsay Lohan/ Rumors

Mariah Carey feat. Jermaine Dupri/ Get Your Number

Utada Hikaru/ Easy Breezy

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