Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Zeon Proudly Presents: Zeon's Mixtape Vol. 1: Summertime

Wo, my 100th post. Yeah, can't believe it either. Been writing on this blog for about a year now. And still all I've got is this really, really readership. Figured I should do something special to celebrate this day. How about a mixtape?
I've been planning on this for quite a long time. Well, I've had the idea in mind first, but just started to work on it last weekend. It was hard going through all the music I had and jotting down a list of 16 songs that I think would showcase the summer theme. There were so many songs I wanted to include, so many I had to leave out. What I want in this mixtape is to blend everything together, from mainstream to indie, rock to electronic, the well-known to the obscure, all organized in a proper order. Something you all can enjoy. So here it is, my first mixtape, I hope you will download all the mp3s, listen to them thoroughly, discover some new songs you've never heard before, then turn out to like them, and start to tell all the people you know about this blog. Even if you hate it, just add a comment and tell me. I'd love to have some feedbacks.

I'll go through each track and give a comment or two:

1. Love Love Love - Tristan Prettyman: The mixtape starts off with one of my favorite songs from last year, 'Love Love Love' by Tristan Prettyman, whom I mentioned before. She's just got this breezy, laidback voice, kinda like a female version of Jack Johnson, that eases your mind. Listen to it when you're walking on the beach, you'll feel all happy-go-lucky.
2. Island In The Sun - Weezer: A summer classic already. Seriously, who haven't heard of Weezer's 'Island In The Sun'? I don't know why but every time I listen to that song, I just keep picturing me saling in the sea, on and on, in the sun.
3. California - Phantom Planet: The unoffical theme song for the Orange County, ever since it was chosen as the theme song to The O.C. Hear it when you're driving on the highway, with the top down.
4. Don't Cha Wanna Ride - Joss Stone: A soulful Dusty Springfield cover. The melodies are infectious, and perfect for cruising-in-your-car times.
5. Wish I - Jem: You can already picture the seagulls and the coconut trees in Hawaii right from the intro. Very soothing and relaxing. Just makes you want to leave all of your worries behind.
6. Just My Imagination - The Cranberries: I love this track. It's flawless from beginning to end. Those bouncy hooks, honeycoated harmonies. I've listened to it many times while walking along in the sunshine.
7. Fill My Little World - The Feeling: My new favorite UK act. These perky, sunny melodies can't seem to get off my head.
8. Incredible (Radio Edit) - The Shapeshifters: A song to move your feet to. A polished, summery dance track that's supposed to get your head all shaken up.
9. Someday - Sugar Ray: Those twangy acoustic guitars. Those irresistably catchy hooks. And the images the lyrics draw. All that's a proper summer anthem should be.
10.Ocean Avenue - Yellowcard: So far things get a little mellow, so I throw in an emo song, all loud and blistering. But the lyrics are actually quite sincere, and the chorus's great singalong material.
11.Kiss Me - Sixpence None The Richer: This track's just too beautiful and sweet to describe in a few words. I can imagine me kissing someone on top of a mountain, and then the camera rolls around with the song played in the background. So dreamy...
12.Pokito A Poko - Chambao: A great find from the local VH1 channel. I don't understand a single word, because it's in Spanish, and still manage to enjoy the song. It's flamenco chill-out music. Play it at a beach party at night, light up some fire and get drunk.
13.Homesick - Kings Of Convenience: A melancholy, Simon & Garfunkel-esque song. Gorgeous, folky harmonies, and the acoustic guitar intro alone is to kill for. For the sentimental souls who likes to mope around in summer days.
14.Sanctuary - Natalie Imbruglia: This is the most rocking song she's ever done. The song's got this pop charm and energy, it makes me want to run on the highway and show your fists up in the sky.
15.A Summer Wasting - Belle And Sebastian: A delicate little number from these arty Scottish. A suitable setting would be sitting on green grass, near a small lake, in a hazy afternoon.
16.Transatlanticism - Death Cab For Cutie: Some would argue that either 'Soul Meets Body', 'Crooked Teeth', or 'The Sound Of Settling' would make a better summer song, but I've got my reason. The song starts off quietly, then slowly builds to this epic climax, adding a high note for the end of the mixtape. Ben Gibbard's achingly, deeply beautiful vocals gives you chills. Just hear it when you feel like walking on the shores at midnight, with the breeze in your face and the neverending sounds of waves. There couldn't be a better way to end the mixtape.

So here you go, click on the link of each track to download the mp3s. If you like my mixtape so much, you can download the front and back cover too. Hope you'll have fun.


1. Love Love Love - Tristan Prettyman
2. Island In The Sun - Weezer
3. California - Phantom Planet
4. Don't Cha Wanna Ride - Joss Stone
5. Wish I - Jem
6. Just My Imagination - The Cranberries
7. Fill My Little World - The Feeling
8. Incredible (Radio Edit) - The Shapeshifters
9. Someday - Sugar Ray
10.Ocean Avenue - Yellowcard
11.Kiss Me - Sixpence None The Richer
12.Pokito A Poko - Chambao
13.Homesick - Kings Of Convenience
14.Sanctuary - Natalie Imbruglia
15.A Summer Wasting - Belle And Sebastian
16.Transatlanticism - Death Cab For Cutie

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