Monday, July 03, 2006

An Exciting Mp3 Interview Between Nelly Furtado & Rolling Stone Staff !

A very exciting interview podcast! Nelly was invited to a lunch with the Rolling Stone staff and their conversations while eating were recorded and uploaded online exclusively at Rolling Stone website for us all to hear. You can feel how energetic, loose and fun-loving she is just by listening to her talk. She talked about everything, from how it feels like jamming in the studio with Timbaland in Hit Factory at Miami, her now canned collaboration with Chris Martin, her inspiration for the new album, to her musical background and her childhood Halloween costumes. She laughed and joked a lot. Sometimes it felt like the staff tried to fake their laughs so that her jokes didn't fall flat. But overall, this is totally worth your 28 minutes. I felt like I was actually being there, you know. Great fun.
Download the mp3 interview here.

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