Friday, July 28, 2006

Fresh R&B/Hip-Hop Music Videos! Janet & Nelly, Avant feat. Nicole PCD and Outkast!

Janet & Nelly/ Call On Me

Lame comeback effort, even for a Jermaine Dupri-produced single. Isn't it ironic that he can emancipate Mariah but didn't try hard enough for his own future wife. This video is another Hype Williams slump, a throwback to his stylized, dolled-up videomaking heydays in mid '90s. Bad Gwen Stefani imitation. In this video, Janet pretends to be sorta a harajuku goddess, with all kinds of garish, geisha-like costumes. She looks horribly wrecked, and god, cover those abs, awful! And there's a pirate ship. And some mediocre special effects. It's bad she'll be fading out like this. Why can't it be a Eric Prydz cover instead?

Download: Janet & Nelly - Call On Me Music Video (WMV format)

Avant feat. Nicole/ Lie About Us

So-so R&B love song, okay video. There's Avant walking in the rain. And THERE's Nicole PCD in a skimpy bikini. Now it's not a so bad video. And there's cell phone product placement, if you're not interested in the two aforementioned.

Download: Avant feat. Nicole - Lie About Us Music Video (WMV format)

Outkast/ Morris Brown

I originally planned this for the next edition of Picks Of The Week, but I found something better. Not that this is a lousy video. A great, quirky one, indeed. It's how summer should look and sound like. Breezy song from Big Boi, nice treatment from Bryan Barber. It's got this cartoony style that brights me up every time I watch it. Did I mention it's a great music video?

Download: Outkast - Morris Brown Music Video (WMV format)

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