Thursday, July 20, 2006

New R&B/Hip-Hop Stuff from Fergie & The Pussycat Dolls

Well, the sidebar is kinda back in full function. I just used it as another excuse to delay my postings. A lot of things happen in the last couple of days but it's summertime that prevented me from going indoor and press the 'Create' button. Wait a minute, I'm always indoor. Okay, so maybe I'm just plain lazy. But it's summertime! Nah, I'm practically lazy all 4 seasons. Planned to review all cds I've heard in 2006, but so far, I never got to it. No wonder why my blog is so boring.
Therefore, let's shake things up! New music from mainstream artists today! Beauty N' The Beat's got the new edited, radio-friendly version of Fergie's 'London Bridge'. They changed 'Oh Sh!t' to 'Oh Snap'. They bleeped the bad words. All the Fergie goody-goody fans would love this. It's in the Gwen's 'Hollaback Girl' case, without the naughty bits it just loses some of its effects. Not that the song is any less slvtty. I feel sorry for myself that I start to like this song.
Also, Beauty N' The Beat's got the new single from The Pussycat Dolls called 'I Don't Need A Man'. This will be a flop, I thought they were going to release 'Wait A Minute'. I don't even like this song. It sucks. Enough with the grrrl power theme. Anyway, I can already foresee the video treatment for this song. Yeah let my genuine director vision roll in!

"It starts off with each of the dolls in a different set, arguing with their boyfriends. Probably about their dressing-like-a-slvt issues.Their guys are too dumb they decide to dumb the girls. Each of the girls then walk on empty streets, stone-faced, while Nicole belts out the tunes. Finally, they join up on the rooftops, do a group sexy dance routine with fireworks flashing in the night sky. A tear shed in Melody's eyes, because she's about to leave the group, hoping to pursue a solo career as successful as Mariah 'Mimi' Carey. The End.'

That's it, I'm gonna give Jake Nava a call.
Click here to download both Fergie & PCD's new stuff.

*Update*: I just found the true terrifying meaning of the term 'London Bridge'. It's very X-rated. Click here to learn, if you dare...

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