Thursday, July 20, 2006

Pop Music Video Galore! Ciara, JoJo, Fergie, Jessica Simpson, Pink!

This week, we're flooded by music videos from mainstream female artists. Tough competition of who can act sexier. Is there a first lady week in the music video industry or what? Watch them all here, and if you like what you see, download them home.

Ciara feat. Chamillionare/ Step Up

Director: Joseph Kahn. Though the choreography is quite hot, her new messy raven hairstyle and her crunky costume give more proofs that Ciara still looks like a man. This is a TRL video, Joseph didn't seem to think much of it. The song is an identical twin of '1, 2 Step'. Oh, you can see her bare back in this.

Ciara - Get Up Music Video [WMV format]

JoJo/ Too Little Too Late

Director: Chris Robinson. She's only 15, and though she's growned up fast, those bastards are trying to sex her up. Short skirts and an on-screen boyfriend that looks twice her age, and what's with her singing in the rain, soaking herself wet and showing a wee bit of cleavage? Great poppy song, but okay video.

Download: JoJo - Too Little Too Late Music Video [WMV format]

Fergie/ London Bridge (Oh Snap)

Director: Marc Webb. Shot in London. She's just being fergy, behaving like a h0. The Pea girl just tries to connect with her lyrics.

Fergie/ London Bridge (Oh Snap) Music Video [WMV format]

Jessica Simpson/ A Public Affair

Director: Brett Ratner. Cheesecakes alert! A star-studded one, featuring Eva Longoria, Christina Applegate, Christina Milian, Andy Dick, Maria Menousnos (that Latin chick in 'Man Of The House) and...Ryan Seacrest. You must watch to find out if he also rollerskates with the ladies.

Download: Jessica Simpson - A Public Affair Music Video [MPEG format, very high quality] (sorry, link seems dead now)

Pink/ U + Ur Hand

Director: Dave Meyers. This was shot around the same time with 'Stupid Girls', but they moved it to be the third single off her current album 'I'm Not Dead'. Dave's at his best when it comes to crazy antics, so watch out for the badass attitude!

*Update*:Download: Pink - U + Ur Hand Music Video [WMV format]

These director dudes make their job seem like the best job in the world.

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