Sunday, July 02, 2006

Two Other Ways To Waste Your Weekend...With YouTube Music Videos

The guys at Pitchfork Media just had so much free time on their hands that they decided to post a list of 100 awesome music videos on YouTube. You can expect everything there but serious. It's just plain fun going through the list. For crying out loud, they even got David Hasselhoff's 'Hooked On A Feeling'.
Awesome list, must check out! Click here to get there.

Oh and what a coincidence! David Hasselhoff also got picked in the Top 10 Worst Celebrity Music Video Crossovers at Subject To Blackout. Very interesting and informative. I could have never even known Alyssa Milano had a music stint. Just look at that pic! Now this is the kind of guilty pleasure that VH1 would describe as 'Awesomely Bad'. Check it out right now!

It seems that David Hasselhoff is making a comeback stronger than ever. He's got a number one movie (Click), high-rated tv show (America's Got Talent), now he's all over the web community. Don't forget his emotional tears at the American Idol finale. And now he's reportedly in the work of a new album! Too bad. Somewhere in some abandoned garage, that Knight Rider car is green with envy.

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