Saturday, July 22, 2006

What The...? A Nicole Richie Song?

I was just blogging around, reading some other music blogs, and then I came across Fetch Me Some and found out Nicole Richie also had a song leaked. Doing what any curious human being would do, I clicked on the link and quietly downloaded the song, hoping that it sucks. While waiting for the download to finish, I take my time and post about it here, and indirectly promote for Nicole.
In times like these, when you're a spoiled rotten, filthy rich tabloid-targeted celebrity, you can just throw a few suitcases of cash, pretend to sing and bang, you've got a hit on the charts, 'cause you live one people's curiousity. It's a sad sad world.
By the way, the song's called 'Dandelion'. If you're just pathetic like me, go there and get it. Me, I'll be somewhere brainstorming ways to redeem my musical credibility (if I still have any, that is).

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