Friday, August 11, 2006

Jamelia - Something About You! All-New Single!

Now this is an authentic comeback. The US folks may not know about her much, but this R&B chanteuse's last album is a major success in the UK, with 5 top ten hits from it. If you haven't listen to her biggest hit 'Superstar', you should now, because it's got everything a US Top 40 hit needs, and even more, catchy, fresh and club-friendly.
But that is the past, back in 2004. Now Jamelia's ready to invade the charts again, with a brand new single entitled 'Something About You'. PopJustice's review was just teasing me with curiousity, so when I finally get my hands on the track, I was so excited.
When the beats first start off, I thought I was gonna hear a decent r&b song,but I was wrong. The song's kinda rocky, not like real rocky but more like lite Kelly Clarkson-rocky. There are guitars and all. I don't know how she did it, but in this song, pop, r&b, and rock just inertwined. Infectious chorus. Good vocals. Radio-ready. This song's so gonna be big, at least in the UK. So remember I'm the one that introduce you to her! This song's seriously HOT! When I use 'hot' with capital letters, I mean it.
According to PopJustice, another new song of her called 'Beware Of The Dog' is their fave pop single of the year. I'm so jealous, they've already listened to the whole album!

Download: Jamelia - Something About You
Bonus Download: Jamelia - Superstar

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