Saturday, August 26, 2006

New Act Week: Part One: On The Pop Side

As I promised, here you go, the first part of the New Act Week two-post feature, introducing 12 of the hottest new acts I digged recently, both on the pop and the indie sides. Let's start with the pop artists, first.

The Webb Sisters
Two good-looking sisters hailed from England, singing these glassy, shiny, polished acoustic pop melodies. Their debut single, 'I Still Hear It', is a little summer anthem I've been listening to. It's a catchy driving song, with sweet harmonies and lush arrangements. Nothing groundbreaking here, but they're just good at what they do, making these nice, sing-song pop tunes, and the infectious harp loop in this one alone is worth a listen. Recommended if you like: The Corrs, Fleetwood Mac, Wilson Phillips. Check out the song below.

Download:The Webb Sisters - I Still Hear It

The Puppini Sisters

Another girl group jumps on The Pipettes bandwagon, these London-based ladies (not actually real sisters) look like they had been frozen in a time machine from the sixties. They all look nostalgically beautiful, and each has their own schtick. However, unlike The Pipettes, what they do is take these popular songs from another time and cover them in a completely different style, a cabaret, 60s doo-wop girlie style. The Pipettes make you wanna get up and do silly hand moves, and they just make you want to relax to the smooth harmonies and sip a cup of tea. They can really sing, though. Check out their covers of the dance classic 'Sway', and suprisingly, a The Smiths cover 'Panic'. I think their novelty act concept is interesting, that's why I give you two songs. There's also a Kate Bush cover 'Wuthering Heights', if you want that one, holler at me and I'll upload it for you.

The Puppini Sisters - Panic
The Puppini Sisters - Sway


New electropop female-fronted band from California. So far I only listened to their first single 'Chelsea', but I kinda like their 80s electro sounds, they really bring something different to the US mainstream. The song's featured in the soundtrack of that chick flick 'John Tucker Must Die'. Their new album is entitled 'The Orange Album', and will be released in September by Wind-Up Records (Evanescence's label), so I'll see if they're more than just a one-hit-wonder.

Download: Stefy - Chelsea

Shiny Toy Guns

An electro pop rock band hailed from L.A. They recently got signed with Universal. Their new single 'Le Disko' is a fun, sassy, raunchy and catchy electro pop rock song, and the lead singer's voice is reminescent of other frontwomen of The Gossip or Morningwood. Recommended if you like Rogue Traders' 'Voodoo Child'.

Download:Shiny Toy Guns - Le Disko

A new London-based band that isn't afraid of being big softies. The sounds of Captain remind you of such 80s bands like Prefab. The band's got a male and a female singer, and in their first single, the two vocals blend sweetly in melodic hooks and a killer riff. Looking forward to their debut 'This Is Hazelville'. You'll like them if you like The Feeling.

Download: Captain - Broke

Stephanie McIntosh

Yet another Australian 'Neighbours' actress jumping into a music career. Steph's debut single is definitely super-catchy bouncy pop rock materials, the kind of song that can easily be picked by Kelly Clarkson or The Veronicas. It's hard to get the chorus out of your head. And it helps that she sings quite well, too. Great pop song. Get it. No, her hair does not really look like that. SHe's a blonde.

Download:Stephanie McIntosh - Mistake

P.S. No I'm not British. It's just that the British are just really good at making good pop music.

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